Want a different way to enjoy our Gelato & Ice Cream?

  • Try an

    • Affagato (Ice Cream or Gelato served with a shot of espresso poured over the top) 

  • And try having a 

    • Warm Belgium Waffle served with Ice Cream or Gelato on top

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Gelato & Ice Cream

What is Gelato?

  • Gelato is Italy’s version of ice cream, with three major differences.

    First; Gelato has significantly less butterfat than ice cream. Ice Cream yields typically 18 to 26 percent butterfat. Compared to tests conducted by Delaware’s Department of Agriculture, "Caffé Gelato’s" vanilla and chocolate gelato both have been confirmed to yield
    less than 10 percent butterfat. However, less fat does not mean less taste. With the lower butterfat content, gelato is less solidly frozen than ice cream and melts in the mouth faster. Therefore, the customer will taste gelato’s full flavor immediately.

    ​Second; Gelato has a much higher density than ice cream. Ice cream is produced by mixing cream, milk and sugar, then adding air. Manufacturers add air to ice cream because it nearly doubles the quantity of their product. But, it cuts their quality in half. No air is added to gelato. The result is a higher quality dessert with a richer, creamier taste.

    Third; Gelato is served slightly warmer than ice cream. While both gelato and ice cream are served well below the freezing temperature of 32 degrees Fahrenheit, gelato is served 10 to 15 degrees warmer than ice cream. Because it is less solidly frozen, gelato’s taste is further enhanced as it melts in the mouth.

What is Sorbetto?

  • Sorbet (or sorbetto, sorbeto) is a frozen dessert made from iced fruit puree and other ingredients. The term "sherbet" is derived from the Turkish word for "sorbet", şerbat which in turn comes from Arabic.

    Sorbet is a form of gelato that contains no milk, unlike ice cream. Sorbets may contain alcohol (which lowers the freezing temperature, resulting in a softer sorbet). Unlike ice cream, the machinery used whips almost no air into the sorbet, resulting in a dense and extremely flavorful product. This allows sorbet to match and sometimes exceed dairy-based gelato or ice cream for taste.

What is Ice Cream?

  • ​(derived from earlier iced cream or cream ice) is a mixture of milk, cream, sugar or substitute, and sometimes other ingredients, that have been frozen into a soft, creamy delightful treat!